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Nigel Grierson - 'Book' (1981)

BOOK - front cover_+ CROP SAM8068.jpg

'Book’ was printed towards the end of Nigel’s first year at the RCA Photography department (1981).

The title of the book was a nod to Samuel Beckett who directed a film, called ‘Film’.  A mere 100 copies printed, this is now a collectors item. If you ever see a copy for sale, please inform us. 


NIGS 'book' _lighterSAM8071.jpg
pages from 'book'-b and w _SAM8069.jpg
book - trafalgar square -smaller b DSC07
book-seaside greyscale smaller DSC07250.
book - la beatroute smaller grey DSC0725
mother and child_b+w+warp SAM8070.jpg
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