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Nigel Grierson - Lightstream

‘ A snapshot steals life that it cannot return. A long exposure (creates) a form that never existed’    Dieter Appelt

1. front cover - interesting lines aroun
1. 3 kids - very abstract painterly+ps f
29. figure behind foreground streaks B s
37. SAM_0171+ps montage of colour with s
43. mad swirl around figure-layers - fla
45. tiny white highlights on black water

Lightstream feels entirely consistent with the concerns of Grierson’s earliest photographs, while marking a significant development. The pictures uncover another world inside this one, to paraphrase an old Surrealist saying, a realm both ravishing and mournful. I imagine many of these images would have great impact as large, standalone prints, but the photobook’s more complex construction enables an intensification of effect. Each picture becomes another facet in the haunting alternative reality inscribed on the camera’s sensor.

                                                                                                                                                                                             Rick Poynor

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