Please note: books sold on the website are primarily for collectors/followers who wish to purchase a signed copy and in some instances, where the book is accompanied by a limited edition print.


Prices include p/p. Please view all options to find your appropriate country for total book cost.

For Lightstream and Passing Through pre orders, please go here or scroll down.

Signed copy - £18.00 (UK only) 

Signed -  EU: £24.20

Signed -  USA: £25

Signed - £25.00 (WW)            

Signed copy - £40.00  (UK only)

Signed - EU: £52 

Signed - USA: £68 

Signed -  £60.00  (WW). 


Lightstream and Passing Through, due for October release, are currently only available to pre order with signature. In the coming weeks, we hope to have a fully functional shop up and running. Books will be available accompanied by a limited edition print (25 only of each, with a choice of 3 different images). So, if you you prefer to wait, we will anounce  when they're available on this site, along with our facebook account and our instagram page ( If you'd prefer to notify us of your interest in purchasing 'Book with print' now, please do so via our contact page leaving your email address.

The new shop will calculate the combined shipping cost when buyers purchase more than one book.

In the meantime, anyone ordering 2 books now, will be refunded anything that may be due in relationship to combined postage costs. Thanks and sorry for any inconvenience which the books delay may have caused.

All prices include postage. 

Pre order:

Signed - £37.00 (UK)            

Signed - £49.00 (EU)            

Signed - £53.00 (USA)            

Signed - £50.00 (AU+NZ)            

Signed - £50.00 (WW)            

Signed -  £42.00  (UK). 

Signed -  £54.00  (EU). 

Signed -  £58.00  (USA). 

Signed - £55  (AU+NZ). 

Signed - £55  (WW).